Saturday, 8 September 2018


Describe a family business you know about.
You should say:
What type of business it is.
Who own this business.
What activities are involved in this business

There are many ways to start a business but to start a business that turns into a successful model and generates income is what matters in the end. India’s educational market is huge and the avenues it is opening up for young entrepreneurs are enormous.

My brother runs an educational Institute named IELTSnisha in Panchkula. IELTS is the test which assesses the English language ability of people who wants to study or work in the Anglophone countries. This test is divided into four module (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) in which the language is evaluated. There are two different types of tests Academic and General Training. The listening and speaking of both tests remain same, however, reading and writing parts are different from each other. The total test time is 2 hours 45 minutes.

Having sharp business acumen and a burning desire to flourish is what drives an entrepreneur to making a success in this competitive world. Hence, there is well experienced staff that delivers best coaching to students dreaming to study abroad.

Allied to that, it also lends assistance in drafting strong covering letter and resume to brushing up your interpersonal skills and guide how to tackle tricky questions, there is no essential element that this institute does not take care of in preparing the candidates for their interviews.

A true entrepreneur is a rare breed; it’s someone who possesses a unique cocktail of traits, skills and characteristics like leadership, innovation, responsibility and creativity in the conceptualisation and execution of their business plans that enable them to beat the odds and go after their dreams full throttle. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


some people say now there is less communication between the family members than in the past. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer (Band 9.0)

Interaction has been the prime factor of socialization for ages. However, of late, it has been hugely influenced by technological advancements. So, compared with the past, social interaction is becoming increasingly fierce. Hence, the importance of bonds of kinship is gradually fading from people’s minds. In my opinion, the world has become a global village yet in many sense it has grown apart.

Apparently, the family ties are becoming  weaker. There are several reasons behind this unfortunate development. The most important, of course, is the change in our lifestyle, values, and goals. Owing to huge educational burden, intense competition, and 24/7 work commitments especially in developing countries  has put a huge pressure on young generation leaving a little room for them to spend time with family members and enjoy on family occasions.

Secondly, the blurring line between real and virtual life such as easy access to social media, internet browsing,  various applications and games on mobile itself engage youth and capture major chunk of the day. As per a survey conducted by American Youth Association, the millennial prefer to spend 80% of their idle time on internet and a meager of 5 % of their time with family. Thirdly, people are increasingly moving to another city or country in search of better education, jobs or living standards. They leave their family behind. While it is possible to keep in touch through modern communication means, an email or phone calls is not equal to face-to-face interaction. Lastly, we are living in the age of individualism. Everyone needs their space. This has made us more self-centered than our parents or grandparents. We no longer believe in making adjustments or compromises. We want everything our way. This attitude creates strain in our relationships.

 Overall, with the hustle and bustle of our lives and the maddening rush of proving oneself, most people have lost the daily connect with family members. But we must realise that our biggest strength is our family. Relationships are like potted plants. We need to nourish them. If we don’t give them love and affection they need, they will wilt. 

Monday, 13 August 2018


some people think that killing animals for food is cruel, but others claim that animals are necessary part of diet. What is your opinion?

Sample Answer (Band 9.0)

Owing to the lack of knowledge of cultivation, human species were  largely hinges on Animals as their food.But with the evolution, human beings begin to settle at one place and started exploring plants as possible sources of food. This development leads to creation of two groups namely carnivorous and Herbivorous. There has been raging debate on the issue as whether consuming animals as food is cruel or a essential part of diet. However, I firmly assert that animals should not be slaughtered for food.

To begin with, every living creature has a right to live and we have no right to kill any creature to satisfy our own appetite. Secondly, over exploitation of certain species will lead to its extinctions thus disturbing the ecological balance. A disruption in the hierarchy of the ecosystem will pose grave threat to the mother nature. To exemplify, a recent survey conducted by UN revealed that by the end of 2030, there will be a slump in the number of marine creatures such as fishes and crabs by 70%.

Thirdly, the animals are often treated so miserably in the slaughterhouses. They suffer from many ailments and their bodies are full of bruises. The meat of these diseased animals when consumed by humans give rise to many problems like high blood pressure, and heart diseases. And finally, all the animals are adorable and seek human love, thus , in order to satisfy our taste buds, they should not be killed. Killing any living being is even against human morals and ethics. For instance, a recent study by PETA showed the heart wrenching conditions of animals in slaughterhouses of UK and also revealed that there has been an increase in the non vegetarian people suffering from heart problem by 10%.

To conclude, mother nature has created all the species and human beings the most intelligent and evolved species should use their intelligence in constructive and humane tasks. We all should be loving and humble towards other species as human survival is impossible without other creatures.


Ordinary people copy famous people whom they see on TV and magazines. Do you think it is a positive development?

Sample Answer (Band 8.0)

Admittedly, TV and magazines are what cater to the quest for leisure. Celebrities play a pivotal role in the subjective orientation of people and it is indubitable to 
say that since time immemorial, common man is drawn towards imitating celebs whom they ardently follow; be it on TV soap operas or Journals. However, in my contention this trend stems a mixed bag of both boon and bane.

Certainly, famous people have monumental influence on our lives. Firstly, Celebrities often display extremely developed skills, which can help to spur young people towards a life full of physically active. For instance, school children are often driven to exercise in an attempt to emulate superstars, such as Novak Djokovic, Ronaldo, Messi. Secondly, teenagers can also take valuable lessons from their idols mistakes. Since celebrities actions are often publicized, adolescents have the opportunities to observe various examples of misconducts and learn from them. For example, upon hearing the doping accusation of Louis Armstrong, many of the biker fans realize that there is no shortcut to success which leads to success and honesty should be of paramount Importance.  Thirdly, celebs set a good example of how to live and act. Illustratively, some are involved in humanitarian efforts such as fighting social injustices, raising money for sick or injured people, supporting relief efforts when extreme weather damages a community, contributing financially to hospitals or hosting free events to support philanthropic efforts.

Perhaps, in the 21st century, the impact of celebrity culture on society, especially on young people, has come under scrutiny. The rise and dominance of social media sites such as instagram and their links to glorification of “super-skinny” celebrities have been cited as influences in the rise of eating disorders in young people. Also, if their favorite celeb has 6 pack abs, they also try to achieve such a body, and to do so quickly, they have to consume a lot of unhealthy supplements, which may not be good for them. Another negative effect of this development is that if these celebs drink or smoke in public, the common people think it is a sort of status symbol and do the same. They want to achieve the comfortable lifestyle and costly cars and other such possessions without doing hard work. As a result, crime incidences are often seen.

Overall, this practice does uphold mixed outcomes, whereas on one hand it creates awareness amidst masses, while paradoxically, on the other hand allures them to indulge in delinquent acts. Hence, it is highly recommended that youth should be encouraged to realize that a man’s real worth is not judged by his possessions, rather by the journey he goes through to achieve those possessions. 


As only small percentage of people have interest in the arts, government funding for this is a waste of money. Spending this on health and education would be far more beneficial to society. To what extent do you agree?
Sample Answer (Band 9.0)

Art is the finest form of humanistic expression bringing forth different emotions and feelings. In this context, state financing for the same has become a contentious issue as the number of people interested in it is less. Henceforth, A section of society advocates that Executive bodies should employ most of their funds in inevitable public services such as Education, Health as it will play paramount role in acquiring sustainable development. However, I partially agree to the given statement.

Apparently, arts serve many a purpose in building up an ethical and value oriented fraternity as it is the rarest form that upholds humanistic values. Besides, art is a medium by that dissent against existing social set-up is successfully brought out which, in turn, brings in myriad social revolution. Furthermore, arts can instill in a man with the fine attributes of being a man like fellow feeling, compassion, empathy etcetera. Such characteristics make a man uniquely different from animals by elevating human spirits to a glorified and virtuous heights. Lastly, it is a tourism booster which creates enormous job prospects and thereby stabilizes the economy of a country. Louvre museum in paris that showcases more than 0.4 million pieces of art is case in point because it stands as an epitome for successful French tourism.

On the other hand, health and education is considered to be the backbone of a nation. Firstly, education empowers us intellectually to interact with others in our life. It brings maturity and teaches us to live in society with changing environment. It is a way to social development, economic growth and technological development. Secondly, it is a tool which stimulates safety and security against crime. There will be prevention of wars, terrorism and strife. Thirdly, more space exploration, search for extraterrestrial life. The investment in this sector will be in the form of establishing more schools, universities and vocational training centres for the school drop-outs and also providing scholarships for continuing higher education. 

Likewise, It is indispensable that everyone in the society has the means to get the basic health benefits. Authorities can invest in the health sector in numerous ways. The medical practitioners should be taken care by providing them with the sufficient remuneration and advantages so that the important skill migration in the medical field of the country could be avoided. Also, the higher bodies can educate the general public and implement many vaccination programs across the counties to eradicate many diseases such as polio, chicken pox and malaria.

Suffice to say, Art, health and education are the only valuable assets human can achieve. On the one hand, art play an integral part of the society’s cultural and intellectual development and amusement. On the other hand, health and education enable to create fine balance of our body, mind and spirit. So, it is high time that Government should allocate funds in all these fields for the rapid growth of a society.

Friday, 3 August 2018


 Some think that children should start school as early as possible, while others believe that they should start school at the age of seven. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Sample Answer (Band 9.0)

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Indubitably, Education is the only valuable asset human can achieve. It is renowned axiom that ‘ A child without education is like a bird without wings’. Henceforth, It is the prime responsibility of parents to send their children to school at the right age. However, there are predominantly two contrasting views where a section of society deems that younglings should begin their formal education at a very early age, whereas others emphasis that the age of seven years Is the best for young people to commence educational studies.

Apparently, various factors make a section of people advocate that sending the child to school as early as possible holds wide range of constructive benefits. To begin with, Kids will develop social as well as intellectual skills hence have more chances to succeed in the future. Research shows that speed of connections made between neurons is faster during first five years. Secondly, the child is like a empty bucket and their character is like molten clay, one can mould these innocent incarnation of God as they want to in their formative years of character building only. Thirdly, the kindergartens are more play school, which helps to learn things in an interactive and fun way. For example, there are dance classes, music classes, scrumptious meals, the soft toys and games are the added charm. Lastly, if a child lives in an atmosphere of immense care upto seven then the substantial pamper by the Kiths and Kins may sometimes be detrimental as a child on later phase confront huge difficulty to come out from his/her comfort zone which shows rampant results.

ON the other hand, people who support the idea of allowing children to stay at home until the age of seven have myriad reasons. First and foremost is , a child under the age of seven is so vulnerable and needs lots of care and attention. Thus, no one like a parent would care about his/her own child.  Secondly, parents are the true heroes for the children because the latter imitates the former like a copycat. Resultantly, parents are the corner stone that guide children to build up a good behavioural pattern. Thirdly, family being the biggest institution like religion exerts enormous influence in the overall development of personality which ultimately makes him a highly valued citizen. Lastly, putting children under the pressure of study can hamper holistic growth of a child. Hence this practice should be discouraged.

In my opinion, importance of playful activities in young children’s development, and the value of an extended period of playful learning before the start of formal schooling is unsurpassable  as it leads to synaptic growth.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Some people are making new friends by using socializing network websites and internet chat rooms. Some people say that this is a good thing. Other people say that people should make new friends by face-to-face chat. Discuss these views and give your opinion?

Sample Answer (Band 9.0)

Owing to the unexpected progress in science and Technology, social media platform is one of those technological innovations that are boundlessly used by people to taking in person. However, there are predominantly two contrasting views where a section of society deems that hypermedia plays indispensable part in making friendships and socializing. While others emphasis that making friends through direct contact is stronger and eternal.

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On the one hand, interactive media like ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ provides an insurmountable space for those who want to involve in friendships and find common ground, before even meeting. Online social groups have become fundamental building blocks of modern human societies. Adding further, we can keep in contact with anybody anywhere at any time, since it is geographically independent. Moreover, the feature of uploading and sharing videos not only provides information, but also entertainment. What more, chat rooms enable us to send and receive messages instantly. Video calling on whatsapp boosts the friendships. Hence, it is an awesome tool in finding new companions.
On the other hand, some believe that making friends via multimedia system can lead to isolation, potentially harmful situations in life and have plethora of reasons to substantiate it. To begin with, lots of people creating their duplicate profiles in the cyber space with exactly different information about what they are and making friends. Tender minds become pry in this play and some even spoils all their reasure and trust in others. Secondly, as this interaction is online, parents have no way of monitoring it and protecting their children. Thirdly, online friends can not be with you when you are sick and you need a friend’s touch. Face to face friends are with you in thick and thin and this can never be possible with online friends. Lastly, the worst part of technology is that the distant world is made closer and the near distant. For example, my sister, a technophile obsessed with latest electronic gadgets, always chats with friends on social networking sites but finds little time to interact with me.
In my opinion, Face to face communications lead to the development of trustworthy relationships that last long. Meeting a friend or a dear one over a coffee or in a park is always a memorable experience. Social media friendships lack that warmth. Also, we cannot expect our online friends living in another part of the globe to help us when we are in trouble. Hence virtual friends can never replace the real ones.



Describe a family business you know about. You should say: What type of business it is. Who own this business. What activities are...